ToIPik System


The ToIPik system is an IP Interphone System for industrial applications, such as interphones for car parks, access control, petrol stations, highway tolls, vending machines, etc..



ToIPik comprises:

  • IP I-401 intercommunication board, embedded in the client's equipment
  • Intercom to be embedded into the wal, Empar-401, and intercom to be located over the wall, Sopar-401
  • Desktop C_401 IP-PBX
  • ParKata, PK-401, for adaptation of analogue telephones to the ToIPik system
  • MIC-401 and MIC-801 microphones for
    I-401 Intercom, and MIC-TPV401 for C-401 IP-PBX
  • SW Monitoring modules that can be supplied in both Basic and Advanced versions

It can be expanded with additional equipment, performance and accessories.

ToIPiK runs on SIP 2.00, LAN 10/100 BaseT ports with switching, uses the most common codecs found in IP telephony (GSM,G729a,G711), offers configurable static and dynamic IP address mapping, and incorporates efficient energy consumption.

Last Update: 25-2-2022